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"Partiamo dal concetto che i giusti trattamenti sono quelli che, valutando il Paziente, ne rispettano il bioritmo e su questo plasmano le tecniche della Medicina Estetica. Non esiste un trattamento standard, ma un percorso studiato e dedicato."

Dr. Lorenzo SpadottoDr. Lorenzo Spadotto, Aesthetic Doctor and Health Director

Medical Advice and Synolon Plan

Synolon professionals Synolon about delivering aesthetic procedures to the highest possible standard. From thevery beginning we are committed to the patient goal..

We do not believe to the "cookie cutter"way of thinking , each and every one of our clients receives a personalised thorough assessment and tailored strategy..

Synolon Medicina Estetica

We bring balance in a approachable and compassionate way.

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The right treatment for the right condition.

We pride ourselves on treating our patients with state-of-the-art products and technology, safely and effectively.